E-normously Big Technology Woes

Technology has become such a huge component in my classroom. Students have already contributed to the Wikispace I created for my classes, they have learned about Celly, Edmodo, and Google Docs. Throughout the year they will be creating an e-portfolio. The amazing thing, we still have one week left in the marking period. My hopes are to introduce them to Glogster, Toondoo, kidblog, as well as many other digital tools.

I am running into some snags in my school however when it comes to using technology. How does a 21st century teacher supposed to work with with 20th century technology. I am not going to beat around the bush, I am frustrated on a daily basis. My middle schoolers are using E-macs. Seriously? Students in the graduating class of 2001 were using those machines. Our projectors look like giant VCRs from the 1980s. By no means is our school made of money, but how can we make the claim as a district we integrate technology into our student’s learning when we don’t even have somewhat up-to-date technology. Let me make it clear that I am not bashing my district, I love where I teach.

This year we implemented power school a new online grade book and attendance program. It takes at least 5 minutes to get the grade book to load onto our machines. I have a colleague that hasn’t been able to get into his grade book all marking period. Now, my principal is well aware of the problem. As a matter of fact, him, another colleague, and myself are working together to get mobile labs, smart boards, elmos, and new projectors into our classrooms. I have already completed a grant, requested money from a major corporation, and we are exploring other avenues. The last thing we want to do is coordinate a fundraiser.

Plain and simple, we are struggling. In addition to our problems in the middle school, I know there are teachers in the high school who are struggling with tech issues as well. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get our school the 21st century tools it needs for our students to be better learners. If anyone knows of any possible avenues we could explore, feel free to tweet me @Jeremybballer or email me at almaballer@gmail.com.


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