From Texting to Teaching

Grammar Instruction in a Digital Age

By Jeremy Hyler and Troy Hicks
Foreword by Liz Kolb

“Yet, after reading the book, for the first time in my life, I find myself enjoying and understanding the authentic use of grammar as it relates to my digital life. I am betting that you, and more importantly, your students, will too!” – Liz Kolb

From Chapter 1…

Our hopes for this book is that you find a juicy nugget, or an “A-ha!” moment that you can take back into your classroom to use. It is without a doubt that this book is designed to bounce around and find ideas that you can implement into your daily or weekly writing lessons with your students. Throughout the book, Troy and I have worked together to show you that there can and is purposeful ways to use technology when it comes to grammar instruction and the concerns that we have with our students when teaching grammar.

  • Chapter 1: What’s the Matter with the Teaching of Grammar?
  • Chapter 2: An Approach to Teaching Grammar with Digital Tools
  • Chapter 3: Learning the Parts of Speech with Flipped Lessons
  • Chapter 4: Learning Sentence Style with Formal and Informal Writing
  • Chapter 5: Authentic Uses, Audacious Uses: Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Chapter 6: Mastering Mechanics: Capitalization and Punctuation
  • Chapter 7: Teaching Grammar in a Digital Age