Chapter 2

An Approach to Teaching Grammar with Digital Tools

“This chapter will explore the different tools that not only students can use as resources to help improve their use of grammar, but will focus on specific tools teachers can access to help guide instruction and engage students. From online tools, mobile apps, and apps on the iPad, there are many possibilities with the digital tools that are available. When considering any of these tools alongside the Triple E Framework by Liz Kolb (2011) – which will be described in that chapter and will be explained in more detail throughout the book – it is important to think about what these tools allow students and teachers to do with grammar instruction that pencil and paper simply cannot.”

Resources Noted in Chapter 2

Beginner Tools for Teaching Grammar with Technology

Tool Purpose Set-up Cost Link
Google Documents Create folders and documents for students to

have grammar resources for future use.

Students open multiple documents where they have tables that include grammar concepts, rules, and examples for students to refer to for later use. Free with Google Account

or Google Apps for Education
Google Slides Students duplicate pre-made templates to help them investigate grammar rules and where students can learn the difference between formal and informal writing. Teacher creates social media templates and students make copies to use for group work or individual work. Free with Google Account

or Google Apps for Education
Fake Apple Texting Students create fake iPhone messages using the website and can demonstrate their use of the different parts of speech and their ability to shift between formal and informal writing spaces Students access the website on computers and create the fake texts without usernames or passwords. Students must take a screenshot of what they created. Free
Vine No Longer Available
Fakebook Great tool for students to practice writing in a space that they typically spend a lot of time in, though it is not real. Can be used for sentence structure. Students fill in the information on the website and need to take a screenshot of what they do. Free home-page
Open Screenshot Take screenshots of mentor texts for students to highlight grammar concepts and parts of speech writers use. Also, for students to rewrite and rework sentences. This tool is a Google Chrome App or add-on that can be added to your chrome bar and accessed with your Google account. Free
Awesome Screenshot Another screenshot tool that students and teachers can annotate. Screenshots can be uploaded directly to the website. App can be downloaded on any device and also through your Chrome browser. Free

Intermediate Tools for Teaching Grammar with Technology

Tool Purpose Set-up Cost Link
Celly No Longer Available
Twitter Students can learn how to use punctuation such as colons and semicolons in sentences due to the 140 character limit. Hashtags can be created for students to utilize for a resource on grammar examples Username and password required along with a valid email. Teachers can create hashtags for students to post examples of grammar concepts. Free Twitter
Quizlet An online tool and app that can be used to create flashcards for students or by students. Flashcards can be made into online games to help study Username and password are required, but a Google account can be used. Students do not need an account to access teacher-created content, just the link. Available as an application also for Apple and Android Free Quizlet
Edpuzzle A digital tool that can be used to annotate videos, including pre-existing videos. Educators can create discussion points or quizzes for students as they are watching. Can be used on any device including Apple and Android. Also, it can be used as a Chrome app and a Youtube extension. The user needs to create a free account. Free Edpuzzle
Jing A simple tool to capture short video, your computer with the ability to store them. Short videos can be made with accessible links to students. Can be downloaded on Mac or PC through the Techsmith website. Free –

with 2GB of free storage of videos every month.

Snag-it Use to create flipped lessons or to tape lessons that students may have difficulties with. In addition, teachers can use the tool to capture videos for absent students. You could use it to capture your webcam and record the videos Techsmith has to offer. Can be downloaded on Mac or PC through the Techsmith website. $49.95 Snag-it
Explain Everything A tool that can be used to annotate and manipulate documents that are useful for grammar instruction. iPhone or iPad application that can also be used on laptops as well. Download required for use $5.99 Available in the App store.
Screencastify This is a plugin that is added to your Chrome extensions which allow screen capturing and is linked to your Google account for easy uploading to Youtube or your Google Drive Plugin for Google Chrome. Works well if you have an existing Google account There is a free version that allows 10 minutes of recording. The paid version is a one-time payment of about $22 and gives you unlimited space with no watermarks Screencastify

Expert Tools for Teaching Grammar with Technology

Tool Purpose Set-Up Cost Link
Touchcast A more elaborate screencasting tool that can be used to create flipped grammar lessons. Teachers can incorporate links, pictures, sound effects, and resources directly into the videos that are created. Requires username and password and knowledge of integrating different tools into the screencast. Free Version Available Available in the App Store
Camtasia This is by far the most advanced tool that is available for screencasting and creating flipped lessons. Camtasia allows more access to editing and integrated music, pictures, and text Downloaded onto a computer. No username or password required. $179 PC or $75 Mac (Education price) Camtasia