Why I Write – Part 1

I don’t think it is remotely possible to complete a blog about my passion for writing and answering the simple question; why do I write? I assure you this will be one of many blog posts about why I write.

To begin with, I write because it is my release. It is the place where I can go to when I need to vent about anyone and anything without actually having to do it orally. It essence it is my therapy. The pages of my writing journal are always willing to listen to me and those pages are constantly talking back to me when I revisit my journal to read what I have written. Writing is my best friend. Furthermore, I see writing as my canvas where I can create narratives, poetry, fiction, memoirs, blogs, texts, etc. The idea that I can express myself in more than one genre gives me goosebumps. Throw all the digital tools into my writing holster and you will see multiple digital pieces to be shared with everyone.

Besides using writing as my own release and palette, it is important to look at my educational purpose behind my writing. Since I can remember I have always valued writing and how important it is for all students to learn how to write and how to write well. I still believe this whole heartedly. I used to think I had to teach my students about 5 paragraph essays because it was on our state mandated test. I stood in front of my classes barking at them to have an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. I should of listened to what my heart was telling me and taught my past students about how texting is writing, what a digital story is comprised of, and how to write a blog. All of these examples may not have been possible then to teach, but nonetheless. Truth be told, I feel as if I have failed some of my past students.

I believe there is some sort of witty saying out there about how one must fail to learn and move on to success. However the saying is supposed to be written out or expressed, I feel I am making my students more successful because I am not only teaching my students the importance of writing, but I am teaching them different venues and genres to express themselves. My students are actively engaged in writing every day in my classroom because I have opened up a world that is much bigger than 5 paragraph essays. Included in this new idea of teaching, I am doing something I very rarely did before and that is how I show my students my own writing and my thought processes that I have as I go through my writing. I can’t tell you how much farther I get with my students and their writing.

Okay, now that I have rambled I want to express how I came to some of these points in my writing career. I write and I have transformed my writing because of the renewed confidence I have due to going through the summer institute at CMU. The Chippewa River Writing Project, the satellite site of the National Writing Project has given me something I can never forget. That something is confidence, passion, and desire to be a writer and to teach writing. I owe where I am at as a teacher and a professional now, to the writing project. I have a raging fire inside me every day that wants to write and be heard. I have been shown that I have a talent and others want to hear about it. This is why I write!


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