NWP – I Am A Writer!

I can’t begin to tell the importance of the NWP!  As a matter of fact, words don’t do it justice, not to mention the many people who are a huge part of a network that strives to dedicate their lives to making teachers better writers and learners of writing and passing on that knowledge to the students in the classroom.

I have always loved writing, but when I was finished with the Chippewa River Writing Project, I found my voice, my confidence, and my niche in writing.  I was given the tools to create more powerful writing and I learned to take those tools and enhance my student’s experiences in the classroom.
The National Writing Project has propelled me to leadership and to a level of confidence I did not know existed in me as a writer.  I have a goal of being a published writer now, which I never thought was possible.
Thank you NWP!  The legacy must live on!